The Lessor declares hereby give rent, for the time and under loads and conditions here in after set forth, the Lessee agrees that contracting to perform and carry out the said charges and conditions in the contract, which he says to acknowledge :

    Local owned: 327, Saint Hilaire Road 11000 CARCASSONNE

    Full description on the website:

    Various furniture and furnishings filling the said premises currently leased and its outbuildings and the property exists and behave, without exception or reserve, such as the Taker says enough about them, having received designation and description.

    The premises are rented to the date and time indicated, which the Lessee agrees to make, as well as the furniture and all facilities and equipment, in perfect order and cleanliness

    Extras not provided on the rental agreement:

    Final cleaning and linen: 80 € for “the Glory of my Father” and € 100 for “Time of Secrets” (beds are made upon arrival)

    Tourist tax: 0,30 € / adult person / day (children under 14 free)


    40% upon signing the contract as down payment and booking confirmation

    The balance 40 days before arrival at the scene

     A deposit of 1000 Euros (without flow Pre authorization on your credit card when making rental, free up to 2 weeks after your departure)


    The rental is allowed only for 13personnes for room “Time of Secrets” and nine people for “Father of glory” (1 + possibly baby less than 2 years in each house) corresponding to the normal capacity of the bedding square.

    When two houses are rented together, the maximum capacity is 22 people (+ or – 2 children under 2 years possibly – umbrella beds are available).

    The Lessor must deliver the leased premises in good condition for use, maintenance and repairs. It must ensure the tenant’s quiet enjoyment of the leased premises and guarantee the vices and defects likely to obstacles.

    The inventory, the state of the furniture and the proper functioning of equipment will be recognized by the Lessee that, if notice some anomalies, malfunction or damage, must notify the lessor within 2 days quisuivent entering places. Otherwise, the rental will be deemed to have been found by the Tenant in good condition.

    The Lessee shall enjoy bourgeois places and leased equipment; it can not, under any circumstances, change the nature, destination and distribution. It will bear the rental risks and offset their estimated value losses, breakages and damage occurred during the contract period.

    All repairs to be made during the lease is not from a construction defect or normal wear, all of unblocking sink, showers, toilets, sinks, broken switches, ring, glass, etc., are the responsibility of the Lessee.

    The rental includes bed linen and the linen with cleaning option end of stay. (Beds are made upon arrival)

    The possible presence of dogs, cats or other pets are not allowed and must be subject to the prior approval of the Landlord.

    Renting even in the case of a deposit only become effective after signature or acceptance of the Lessor. The price will be payable in full by the Lessee on the dates mentioned herein whatever may happen (illness, accident or unforeseen event).

    In case the consumption would be determined excessive or disproportionate, according to the records of meter reading recorded by the landlord on arrival and departure of the Lessee, billings will be established at official rate of the water company and electricity.

    To address the damage that could be caused to furniture or other objects furnishing the rented premises, a deposit will be required by the Lessee without pre-authorization on his speed CB 1000 € as deposit garantie.This deposit will in no circumstances be considered as advance payment of rent and will be productive of no interest. This amount will be released as soon as possible (at the latest within 2 weeks after the end of the lease), net of amounts it may have, the period may be extended in certain cases, such as the need to evaluations, to undertake refurbishment work, litigation, etc. The Tenant undertakes, if the deposit is not sufficient to make up the sum.

    The Lessee shall inform in advance the date and approximate time of arrival.

    The balance of the rent will be charged to the tenant 40 days before the arrival in places like the set CONTRACT FURNISHED SAISONNIERE. Keys must be returned to the lessor on the last day of the rental period, no later than 24:00 maximum.

    The Lessor declines any liability for theft or damage occurring in the leased premises. The Tenant must ensure a company known assurances  against the risks of theft, fire and water damage, both for its rental risks for the furniture given in hiring, as well as for claims by neighbors and to justify the very first request of the landlord or his agent.

    Your insurance will provide proof (certificate resort). Your insurer will issue you free.