To be discovered in Aude department

    canal-midiIn Carcassonne, 2 monuments designated UNESCO world Heritage Sites : the medieval city built up by Viollet-le-Duc and the Canal du Midi built up by Paul Riquet

    You will be able to visit the ramparts and towers of la Cité de Carcassonne but also to discover its museum and churches, and read the Cathar history too, while walking in the streets of the medieval city

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    The canal du midi offers a shady road along its banks where you can walk or go by bike. You can also simply admire from the barges.

    chateau-cathare» Carcassonne tourism

    You have the possibility to swim in the Cavayère lake (Carcassonne beach Lac de la Cavayère) or after 40 minutes by car in our beautiful Mediterranean sea.

    On the road to the seaside, why not enjoying a visit of the Cathar castles or the abbey of Lagrasse ? Or make a detour to Minerve?

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    cabrespineAnd after too much sunshine, you will probably look for the coolness of the caves of Limousis or the giant Cabrespine abyss.

    Then, in the coolness of the evening, you could go to the Passage to taste a good local wine and succulent tapas in the garden.


    Enjoy your holidays in Carcassonne, l’Orée de la Cité !